Thoughts 2 – Camera

Well, here we are again…again with thoughts. But without them this whole project would be just headless I guess. So, what can you expect of this post? It gives you a first introduction and insight for what is needed in the following steps of the project. Taking the right steps after another will make our lives much simpler and will save us a lot of money. Or so I hope.

So, what is the most important thing a becoming filmmaker needs? That’s easy to answer: A camera of course and the skill to use it. But for the beginning we will leave the skill out and just focus on the camera. But which is the right one for me? Maybe just a small camcorder everybody can afford? Or maybe investing more money and get a professional camcorder? And what’s about a modern HDSLR?

The easiest way to answer this is to look at what we need and what we want to do – like always.
For me it’s important to be mobile and flexible. Also there should be the best picture quality for the amount of money I spent.  I want to absolve as much different task as I can with the same device.

With some simple looks at the internet I can see that the small camcorder can’t meet this profile I search. So there remain the professional camcorder and the DSLR. Again a fast look, this time in my wallet and I see there is only the DSLR left (for me). Of course there are a lot of different DSLRs out there, from cheap to expensive. But do you really need the best DSLR out there as a beginner? To this question I want to recite an old friend of mine: “A talented filmmaker can produce a good film even on a bad camera, but there is no way to get a great piece of work by someone unskilled even with a good camera.” Maybe you should choose a camera which fits for your ambitions.
But I am drifting away. What gives another pro to the DSLR is the mobility and flexibility I want. It is light, fits into a small camera bag or can just hang on your shoulder, so you can take it nearly anywhere. The other point, the flexibility, is given by the huge amount of lenses out there. You can always put on the right lens to get the look you want. Whether zoom-lenses, macro-lenses or portrait-lenses, you get the choice of realizing the images right out of your head – and that just with one piece of gear ( except of the lenses ). The image quality you get out of this are based on the technology of photography, even if you can’t expect from your picture to be as good as a photo taken by a DSLR.
Negatively could be, that quality lenses got their price. At this point we will be happy that we saved some money on the camera. Better spend your money on good glasses; you will keep them, because they will fit on your future cameras too, except you change your camera producer. Also you got the possibility to sell them again for a good price, due to the fact that prices for lenses stay pretty stable.
We will talk a lot more about lenses when the time comes

All this is just my view on the things. If you got other ambitions or other requirements you can choose the right camera for yourself.

Like said in the beginning, a camera is the essential tool for a filmmaker. Of course there are much and more other things which are important and necessary, like sound, light and other gear. Of those we will speak a lot in the future of this blog.

Next time we will go deeper into the choice of the camera, taking some into focus and compare them against each other.

Anyway, I would love to read your thoughts about this and hear about your own experiences.

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Thanks and greetings – Cornelius

Update – Pretty personal

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated my “About Me” page, to let you see who is the guy behind this whole thing. Give it a glance if you want to know who is behind the screen. So – pretty personal *winks*.

Think I will give you a further impression of the project and how we will go on tomorrow. Hope you will come by to give it a look.

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Bye – Cornelius

Thoughts – The beginning

Thoughts…a thing everybody should spend on the things he does.

Well, just to tie in with the previous post, that I are not that unprepared as it seems. Of course I got something in mind before I started this blog and all what is around. If I could I would start just right now, but I think that I, or let me say “us” already, first have to spend some thoughts about what we want to do.

What do you want to achieve? What is your goal? Which are the conditions you start off? – Do you have a lot of money you can spend right off the bat or do you have to improvise? Do you have friends or family who are in film or producing?
A lot of questions, true, but I didn’t even asked all. In the following I hope I can give you a short introduction in my thoughts and help you to make your own.

When I am honest, I can’t even answer the first question. What do I want to achieve? Do I want to become a professional filmmaker? I don’t think so, even I wish though. I am just starting into my career after my studies, so I think this won’t be more than a hobby to me. Also there are sooo many talented and remarkable guys out there, so I can’t even imagine measuring myself with them, with this lack of experience and gear of mine. So I want to keep it realistic, but that’s my opinion and shall not come across yours.
Maybe I should get a less high goal than that. What about producing a professional looking short film? Couldn’t that be a goal I can keep in mind for the next few years? I think so!
Of course we will go step by step and always get new goals for each stage, but I think it could be helpful to remind a “greater” goal in your mind.
Also you could ask yourself where the idea of getting into film or producing came from. This may help you what fascinates and what you want to achieve.
For me this is pretty easy to answer. Back in school I got the chance to lead a short film as a director/producer. As you can imagine, the result were a disaster, but not as bad as we had thought. Since then there is the idea inside of me to do the same thing again and again, only better. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

About my conditions I start off, yes. Like I said before, there is no experience or gear I own. Not even a camcorder or DSLR, which you eventually already own. As a student I have to work beside my studies to have money I can spend free.
So we will work in the “non-budget” area, not the low-budget area. I already noticed that there are a lot of misunderstandings between “non-budget” and “low-budget”. So don’t be worried, we will still have some money to spend 😉

What will help me most I guess is that I got some friends who would like to support me in my project. Especially my roommate sounded pretty convincing. But the fact is: The most important people I want to share my results and experiences with are you guys.
Getting help, inspirations and critic by other people will make it easier and even exciting, even though I know it will be hard for me, because I often want to have the things completely in my hands.
Everybody has a different character and a different style to handle the things, so you have to find what is the right way for you.

So, that is all for the start. I would love to read your comments, your ideas…your thoughts.
I’m not 100% what we will do in the next post. Maybe we start with the gear, we will see.

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Till next time – Cornelius

Get started – literally

Hey there and welcome to “Get Film Started”.

You may ask what this suspicious looking blog might be about. Good that you got me, who will tell you.

“Get film started” will be a project, where i go out with no experience and without any kind of gear. The goal is to learn much as i can in shooting film, handling the equiment and automize the techniques. So, why should anybody do this you ask? Because I want to and I hope you will like it.

But more important is the question: “Why should that be any concern of me and why the f*@k am I still reading this post?” Hopefully you are still reading it, because i catched your attention and to the other question – because I think we can learn from each other. All I will learn and are about to experience will be shared with you.I would love to read your meanings in the recomended post, your critic, your innovations and your inspirations.

So, what can you excpect from this blog in the near future? Well, im pretty eager to get right into it, but film-equipment is a expensive thing. It will get me a while to get all these bunch of stuff I want to have ( or I do need 😉 ), so we will go step to step. I will prepare a lot and hope you guys will make me the choice between different gear a lot easier, or maybe I can give help to the other beginners too.

There will be a lot of reviews, comparisons and highlights in this blog in the beginning. So lets just start right now and if you got questions about this, just ask. Think there should be time enough to answer all of your questions *laughs*.

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Greetings – Cornelius